Saturday, June 09, 2012


We’ve seen a few critters around the cabin this trip.

First was a deer that we saw a couple of time. He is a youngster with velvet on his antlers. Kind of skinny too:


The next day, a moose walked into our clearing—well, almost all the way. We ended up grabbing our cameras and stalking it through the woods. So, these pictures aren’t great:


We call this guy Junior because he appears to be a young moose. Although he has a wattle and a nice start on some antlers.


But, the next day we were driving around and saw this old guy by a pond. We call him Gimp because he limps badly. The story is that last year, someone took a pot shot at him and hit him in the right front shoulder. He didn’t die, but still gets around, although obviously in some pain.

Image 1

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