Monday, May 01, 2006

Daisy is a “Registered” Dog

We are now mostly settled in our home in New Jersey,  but that is a topic for another posting. This past Sunday, we left the dogs alone in the house for about 8 hours while we drove Lynne’s mother to her home in Upstate New York. She had been with us a week, helping us unpack and get settled in. When we got home, the dogs were excited, of course. And, we noticed that Daisy was running around with a heater register attached to her neck.

Before we left Fort Collins we got each dog a new name tag with our NJ phone number on it and attached each bone-shaped tag to their collars. Apparently, Daisy laid down with her head on a floor-mounted heater register near the front door at some point, and when she stood up, the bone-shaped tag got caught in the register. She pulled it out of the floor and was walking around with it attached to her collar. We don’t know if this happened in the excitement of our homecoming, or if she had been like that for hours. It was pretty silly looking.

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Posted under: New Jersey • by Rick on 05/01/2006 at 04:49 AM
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