Monday, September 19, 2011

Day Four 2011 Cabin Trip

Aren’t my blog post titles interesting and evocative?

I’m writing this on Monday, so “Day Four” was yesterday. And, we spent the first half of the day cleaning. Okay, the cabin really needed a deep clean anyway, but the pack rat visitation motivated us to get it done. Every surface got cleaned and the floor even got a good wet mopping.

The afternoon was lazy, I took a nap wink We took a short walk—I remember that.

For dinner we had Salt and Pepper Shrimp and it was very good. Lynne made a frozen chocolate pie for dessert. We built a small fire and watched it for a while then went to bed.

Lynne will post at length about the pack rat, so I’ll leave it to her.

I will leave you with a couple of photos of Calvatia Gigantea, our resident giant puffball mushroom (which is likely quite tasty right now, but we can’t bring ourselves to pick it and eat it because it is so beautiful.)



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