Sunday, September 07, 2014

Last of Summer—2014

While it is not officially the end of summer, today is pretty much the end for us.

We had our last swim tonight. It was wonderful. The water temperature was 82° and we swam 30 lengths. The pool will be closed on Tuesday.

I ran the heater all day to bring the temperature up from the mid 70s; and, it was worth it for that final comfortable swim. In previous years we would not be able to enjoy the pool after mid August. The nights are just too cool and the angle of the sun does not warm the water. So, the heater was worth it. It accomplished our goal of swimming earlier and later that before. 

We spent less than 1/2 what I had feared on propane. I think I based my calculations on degrees Farenheit instead of Celsius. wink 

We had a fire in the fire pit waiting for us as we exited the pool. We sat by the fire, had some ice cream and whiskey. 

It was a productive day in preparing for the Fall and our upcoming trip to Colorado. We took down the cabana, took the outdoor furniture indoors and cleaned the pool. 

Fireworks were going off just now. Not sure why. It freaks the dogs out, so I'll be glad when it stops.

Off to bed now.

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