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Lynne and I discovered this great service that is now available in the NYC area--luckily that includes us.

It is a service that works a bit like a book club. Only, instead of books their product is dinner. It is called Plated and you can learn more at (If you decide to try them out later, please use this link to access their site. That way, I get credit for your referral and maybe a free plate!)

Here is how it works. Each week you get an email describing four or five different meals that will be available the following week. You can go to their web site any time to learn more about the next week's meals. If you want to try one or more, you can select them and have them delivered to your door on Tuesday. You must select at least 4 plates and they must be selected in pairs. So, when Lynne and I use this service, we select two meals from those available and then order two of each. Plates cost about $15 each. 

The really great part is that you get everything you need to make the meal (well except some staples like olive oil, flour, salt and pepper.) It all comes in a box with every ingredient pre-measured and packaged. Just follow the simple instructions that are included and in less than 1/2 hour, you have an excellent meal. 

The recipes can be kept and recreated later (but you must do the shopping.)

If you join as a member an pay a monthly fee (I think it is $10) then you get a discount on each plate (that more than pays for the membership.) And, you will get a preselected set of meals each week unless you go online to cancel (or call or send an email.) This is where it is a bit like a book club. Lynne and I have the membership, but most weeks I cancel the proposed meals and either select our own or select nothing. After all, we really don't need two meals a week from them.

But, if you ever have those weeks where you just can't decide on what you want to shop for and eat, this service is helpful because the recipes are varied, always good, and very, very easy since everything is delivered ready to cook.

Check it out!

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