Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The House Needs New Shingles?!

Over the weekend a man stopped by the house and declared, “You have those defective shingles on your roof.” Then continued to tell me about defective Owens Corning shingles that the company was replacing at no cost and that he could help me make the claim for new shingles and do all the work at no cost to me.

Sounded to me like a scam.

But, on further investigation, maybe he and his claim is legitimate.

I climbed up on the roof, and sure enough the shingles, which have a 40 year warranty, were blistered and cracked and some were falling apart.

I called a phone number he gave me (1-800-ROOFING) and got an Owens Corning representative on the phone. She asked me a few questions, including some I could not answer (“Exactly what month and year were the shingles installed?”, “What color are they?”, “How many squares of shingles do you have on your roof?”).

She is sending me a “claim kit” which has the paperwork and instructions on how to file a claim. Apparently I am to remove 2 of the damaged shingles and send them back, along with some completed paperwork and some (non-digital) photos. The roofer that first brought this to my attention has volunteered to do all this work for me—assuming, I guess, that I will use him for the reroofing job.

All the current shingles must be removed and the roof prepared and dried-in. Then, new shingles will be installed. What a pain.

The defective shingles are Owens Corning Oakridge Pro 40 shingles. They were very popular when we built our house in the mid-90s because of their color and shape—asphalt shingles that have the appearance of oak shake shingles.

I’ve called my builder to bring this to his attention, ask for his opinion on the situation, and to validate the legitimacy and qualilty of the roofer, but haven’t heard back. I’m going to call my insurance agent, too. I’ll let you know how things proceed.

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