Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The “One Term” Party

I’m lobbying to create a new political party. There is already a “T” party, and I’d like to see an “OT” party. That stands for “one term”. Members could be liberal or moderate or conservative. They could be like me, socially liberal and fiscally conservative. It doesn’t matter, the diversity would benefit the party.

What makes this party unique is the pledge from each member running for a public office. The pledge that states they will serve only one term if elected, and not run for a subsequent term.

This would ensure we get people in office who use their skills, intellect, and beliefs to benefit their constituents and the country rather than their own egos and political careers.

If you were not motivated by the desire to be reelected, you might actually have the ability to do what is “best” even if it is not popular. A large group of OTs might be able to fix entitlements, cut budgets, raise taxes, and do the other obvious and necessary things that the current crop of career and ego motivated pols can’t do.

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