Sunday, September 24, 2006


We recently found some ticks on dogs. Bode has had two and Sailor has had one. I also found a small one crawling on Daisy’s head last night. This is so strange because we have not had any ticks on dogs throughout the entire summer.

In Colorado, we would watch for ticks in the Spring. But, as soon as Summer came and it got hot and dry, we did not worry anymore. Here, we went the entire Spring and Summer without ticks, but now that Fall is here, we have seen several.

They come off pretty easy. I just grab them between my thumb and finger, apply gentle pressure and pull gently but firmly until they decide to release. I check to make sure I got their head out, then I squeeze the beejezus out of them and throw them away.

We put Frontline on all the dogs a few days ago, I hope that kicks in soon. Meantime, the dogs enjoy the extra “petting” they get when we go over them looking for ticks.

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Posted under: Dog Stuff • by Rick on 09/24/2006 at 06:37 AM
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