Friday, August 22, 2003

Training Dogs and Leading People

As you probably know, Lynne and I are very invested in breeding, raising, training and showing dogs. (Although, we’ve slowed down a lot recently.)

I’ve noticed that some of the key guidelines for training dogs, also apply to leading and managing people and organizations. Please don’t interpret this as an insult!

Read on…

Here are the guidelines:

1. Make sure they know what you want them to do. Show them over and over in a patient and consistent way.

2. Reward any, even modest, progress toward the desired behavior. Dog biscuits work well, along with enthusiastic praise.

3. If you encounter willful resistance, firmly reprimand. Show the desired behavior again. Don’t hold grudges.

4. Be consistent with your commands. Don’t say “down” when you mean “off” and vice-versa for example.

5. Allow for some free-for-all fun time after structured work.

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