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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Perfect Drive

I decided this was my year to exercise my prerogative to have a mid-life crisis. To conform to stereotypes, I confronted Lynne with either: 1) a mistress; 2) a convertible sports car.

We both decided the mistress would be too expensive.

So, meet “Mia”, my new Mazda Miata

Rick and Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne is probably a better stick-shift driver than I am. But, I’m striving for the “perfect drive”. It is a 20 mile, 40 minute commute to work (and back). So, each time I take Mia to work, I strive to always be in the right gear at the right time going the right speed. No jerking, no chugging. Just a smooth, perfect drive.

I’m getting better. I’m much better at simply remembering what gear I am in!

I start at 100 and then take off a point each time I think I screwed up the perfect drive. I scored a 98 the other day!

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