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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What Kind of Country Do We Live In?

The majority of Americans favor the extension of the assault rifle ban. A majority of Republicans favor this extension. A majority of Democrats favor the extension. Even a majority of gun owners favor the extension on a ban of assault guns. Yet, the current Republican-led congress will not send an extension request to a Republican President who has promised to sign it.

All because of the enormous lobbying power of the NRA.

I believe in the right for Americans to bear arms. While I don’t hunt, I certainly believe people should be able to hunt. I believe most hunters are honest, moral people who view hunting as a sport that involves skill and patience. They don’t need assault rifles to hunt.

I believe people have a right to defend themselves in their homes and on their property. But assault guns are not defensive…they are, well, ... assault guns.

There is no legitimate reason for these guns to be legal in the U.S. They are only of value to terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals. And, our Republican leadership in Congress wants to see them manufactured, sold, and used in America.

Step back from the emotional issues associated with this and think about what kind of country intentionally arms criminals, drug deals and terrorists.

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