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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Moving Day

Posted by: Rick

Over the past two days the movers came and packed up the stuff we are taking to Colorado. Well, most of it will end up in Wyoming. We spent the past few weeks sorting through our stuff and setting aside those items that we either want at the cabin, or that we want in long-term storage for some possible future use. 

Here is just some of the stuff in the living room.

It took a bit more than a day to pack everything. We are taking a lot of "little" things, many are fragile, and the packing went slowly. The guys did a great job, though. Everything was packed very carefully and they did a conscientious job of writing the contents on the box so we can more easily find things later.

We thought we had significantly downsized. And, I guess we did. But, we are still taking a lot of stuff back to Colorado. I'm not sure where it will all go. It must initially all fit in a 10x20 storage unit. I think we just made it based on pacing off the loaded truck.

The living room all packed up.

We had the boxes with stuff destined for the cabin marked as such. The white label around the corner of each box in the photo above means we want to eventually haul the box to the cabin and unload it there. I'm not sure where it will all go, but we'll figure it out. And, it will be a challenge figuring out what to do with all the packing material. I guess we can save the paper and use it to start fires, but we'll need to find a way to deal with the massive amounts of cardboard. 

Bella inspecting boxes from the kitchen.

And, here is the living room with everything gone.

We even sold a chair to the moving company supervisor, so it is also missing in the photo above.

Good bye stuff. See you in Wyoming.

The next step is the estate sale. That will be a tough one because we aren't moving our stuff. We are selling it. Good stuff, too.


Bella must wonder what the heck is going on!

Bella, Hailey and eBay (the cat) are all wondering what is going on. They can’t seem to get enough attention and are wondering why they are locked in rooms they’ve never stayed in before. Just wait till we inflate an air mattress to sleep on!

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