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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Westward Ho!

Posted by: Lynne

Sorry, no pics tonight. We are sitting comfortably in a Comfort Inn (haha) in Clarion, PA. We left the closing between 10:00  and 10:30, went back to the house to load the last little few things and of course, the dogs and cat. 

Our closing went smoothly as we knew it would. The house's new owners are a nice young family who loved the house from their first walkthrough with the realtor. It's really nice to see their enthusiasm for the house. Without all the furniture we had in the various rooms, the house looked HUGE to us. They joked about "roller skating" around the basement. 

The thing that sealed the deal for me that we had made the right desicion came when the new owners were doing their walkthrough yesterday. We were out by the pool and the the new owner (who was holding his small one-year-old son) and he said something to the effect of "Hey buddy, we're going to have some great times here" and his son high-5'ved him. That was the defining moment for me. 

Passing it on. 

Just like the antiques we sold to some wonderful people during our estate sale. But that is a whole different post for a day when I have not been on the road.

So, good night from PA. Onwards!


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