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Friday, May 13, 2016

Rain, Rain and Roadwork GO AWAY!!

Posted by: Lynne

We are finally in for the night in Davenport, Iowa. What a day! We've made this trip 7 times and never in all those years have I seen so much traffic or so much roadwork -- in every state! Several times we were stopped dead in our tracks for 20 minutes or more due to ROADWORK, although when traffic finally started to move we did not see anyone actually working so maybe it was all just merging time? Another time there must have been a really bad accident in Indiana right before Chicago because they made everybody exit and detour to I-94. So much fun, I just can't say enough. Not.

Top that off with another end of day massive pouring rainstorm from halfway through Illinois and into Iowa. Seven miles shy of our destination we were stopped yet again for ROADWORK.

When Rick signed us in at the hotel he had to sign a paper that said we only had one pet, plus I had asked for a ground level room because Hailey doesn't do steps that great anymore and they put us on the second floor. So, I take Hailey in one direction down the elevator and Rick takes Bella the other direction. Not to mention eBay .... All the hotels here are full–probably due to the nasty weather and ROADWORK–so we are hoping they don't throw us out. 

It was also extremely windy at the end of the trip and Rick said the canoe was moving around. Yikes. Good thing it's strapped on pretty darned tight.

I find the drive not too bad but the delays for ROADWORK are killing us. 

Now all we need to top the trip off is a side wind through Nebraska!

And as a final note, and I hope I don't offend anyone, but we've given the drivers around the Chicago area our "worst drivers of the trip" award. Enough said.

Another delivery pizza tonight. Even though it was a delicious pizza (last night we had the same last night from Pizza Hut: fresh veggies, balsamic glaze on thin and crispy crust) I am so tired of eating this way! When we get to the cabin it's no carbs for two weeks for me. I am craving steak & salad!

Nighty-nite everyone.

P.S. the photo above was taken by Rick after sitting without moving for 15 minutes.

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