Sunday, January 01, 2006

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 10, New Years Eve

Here we are at day 10. We had planned to go home tomorrow, New Years Day, but have decided to spend all of tomorrow here and then go home early on Monday.

It was a pretty normal day (I’m actually writing this on the next morning). Partly cloudy, windy. We took the dogs “around” and recreated the trail with snow shoes. It is amazing how fast even a little bit of snow can obliterate the trail. Bart and Millennia stayed behind, but all others had a great time. I marked several landmarks on the trail on my new GPS. When we got back from the walk, I shoveled what little snow had accumulated in the driveway. Then, I got the toboggan out and made a few runs down the driveway. The dogs love it. Lynne joined me and we had a fun time.

Rick and Lynne Robinson, Fort Collins, Colorado

I’ve posted some addition photos in the Christmas Photo Gallery.

We worked on a new puzzle—a hard one. It is of a large pirate ship, a “cross sectional” view. Lots of activity, lots of detail. I don’t think we’ll finish it this trip, but we will make good progress.

We had left-over chili with some hot dogs for lunch. It tasted great with lots of onion and cheese on it. I watched the Denver football game while Lynne made another batch of Christmas cookies. She made so many that at lunch time I ran a few over to Dave and Deb because they seemed to like them a lot and because we used their sour cream to make them!

We tried a new recipe for dinner—a spaghetti squash recipe that is not in the recipe database yet. It was really good, but made about 2X what we could eat. So many leftovers! I prepared the marinade for tomorrow’s Beef Bourguignon and got the beef marinading. It is sealed in a ziplock in the cooler on the porch. I’ll start cooking it around noon on New Years Day.

After dinner we made the sofa down into a bed in front of the fireplace and (along with various dogs) watched a movie. We decided not to stay up till midnight. (What is the point?) It was midnight somewhere. So, we had a bottle of Prosecco (our cheap substitute for champagne) and a cookie to celebrate.

The wind had calmed by the time we went to bed and we slept great!

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