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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Avalanche Slope

Posted by: Lynne

Yesterday we donned snow shoes and took Bella and Destin to the bottom (which is what we call Hidden Meadows Lane where it winds between our two pieces of property). This area is also dubbed "Avalance Slope" for reasons that will become obvious as our pictorial goes along.

Above is the way it looks now, and below are two photos of the "before". You can see the same tree in all photos. The first before shot is in November, the second in mid-December before we had those big snows around Christmas and New Year's. 

All is buried except for the tallest tree. You can look at the snow level in the first photo and draw a line in the first "before" photo to get an idea of the total snow depth. Pretty amazing, is it not?

Here we are making our way around the huge drift. There's a road in there somewhere!

Here you can see the drift at the top. It looks like a huge wave cresting — look out below if it breaks! This is why Destin is on a leash. With his propensitiy for taking off up sheer cliffs we didn't want him anywhere near that unstable snow.

We expect what happens when that big wave of snow does come loose will look like these "jelly rolls" of snow we found one year in Februrary in one of our trips up to the cabin. I think it might have been 2004 or 2005. 

Here is another example of before and after:

So, yes, we have a little bit of snow!


Hi Lynne and Rick, You haven’t answered my emails so I thought I would comment on your wonderful blog.  After surviving the blizzard on St. Patrick’s Day in 2003 I know exactly what it’s like to be snowed in for weeks at a time.  Thank goodness we had our John Deere tractor with the big snow blower, what a life saver.  The pictures of the Avalanche Slope brings back memories of one of your neighbors asking Larry to come over to open the road for him. After taking one look at it Larry told him that it was too dangerous and maybe he would consider opening it in June. I really miss spending winters up there, but I am looking forward to coming home in May.

Our cabin is across from the home stead cabins off of 80c. When you cross over bridge we’re cabin to the south.

Have recently circled back & read your whole retirement from house selling to present. Enjoying your transition so much!  Even more because our son & DIL & kiddos live in Boulder.

My forebears were homesteaders in NW Kansas/SW Nebraska.

I remember meeting Larry Martin (during the post mentioned by Donna)at the site of the snow field, he said “No way” and I concurred, telling him we would be picking him out of the wreckage when (not if) the snow gave way, as he would have cut all the bottom out of it.  There’s a TON of snow up above there.

You HAVE had some snow! I hope it’s not dangerous to walk around near that cresting wave! Those jelly rolls are bizarre.

Donna, hey there! Thanks for commenting on the blog and I’m glad you’re reading it! Larry was right to refuse to open the road, it is extremely dangerous! I am wishing we had Larry’s John Deere!! May should be beautiful!

Okay, I know which house is yours! You’ve have a devil of a time getting there right now! wink

Thank you so much for commenting! How did you find us? That’s quite a commitment to go back to the “beginning” and read all the entries! smile

Yup, that’s about it! Best to steer clear of that part of Hidden Meadows Lane. Plus, now there is a huge old tree down across the road a little further up ... wink

I think we’re okay to be at the bottom but it’s not a walk we will take often. I hope it “jelly rolls” again!

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