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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Keepin’ On

Posted by: Lynne

Chimney Rock

Yes, we're still here. We've had several people (mostly neighbors up here) get a little nervous about our recent purchase of a new RV. They seem to think we are abandoning ship and heading south for the rest of the winter. Ye of little faith, we are not going anywhere until perhaps May. I know my post about "if we ever get outta here" might have sounded a bit bleak, but hey, winter will do that to you once in a while. This is only our first winter and I want to experience it -- fully -- as promised. It's just a matter of not setting expectations of what it's going to be like and go with the flow. 

Our weather is finally cooperating and we are having our January thaw in late January. The past couple of days have been almost balmy (well, above freezing) with a stiff wind. We can see the snow levels going down down down here around the cabin, and even Wapiti is showing the road surface (gasp!) in a spots. Too bad the wind is not a Chinook, that would really melt this stuff in a hurry. But we have to be thankful for what Ma Nature is dishing out right now. She's capricious, so not to be meddled with. We'll take it Ma! Ma, we need a bit more in order to get Lex (our Expedition) out, please? Just sayin'.

We will go next Monday (weather permitting naturally) to have our 2 hour walk-through, pay for the RV, etc. Then they will store it for us for six weeks or so until we can get Lex the Pussy out to have the weight distribution hitch and sway bars installed. The nice thing is that we don't have to pay for storage until then, and the registration for temporary plates (60 days worth) won't kick in until we actually take possession. Another nice price break.

Having a blog and posting about our life here is a little like having a reality TV show that people watch. We don't really have any idea who out there is reading unless you leave a comment or somehow let us know. We got the nicest email from a reader the other day, a really heartfelt, long email saying how much they enjoyed reading the posts, telling us a bit about their lives and also some tips we might use for keeping the storage shed warmer. Thank you, it touched us.

I did manage a load of laundry yesterday and hung it on the line. I think the temp got to around 38 degrees or so, so they mostly dried and just needed a little warm up by the wood stove. Today is supposed to be yet another warm day, so more laundry and even maybe the featherbed cover. Ah, the little things in life.


I read all your blogs and your husbands and I really enjoy learning about living
“off the grid”.  Not sure if I could do it, but what an experience!

I look forward to hearing how eBay likes the trailer, maybe a photo of her up high somewhere and looking down on her three dog subjects, if she’s that kind of cat… Love the fox photos!

Jackie, bless your heart, I know you read because you always comment on Facebook. It’s the people that we don’t even know ( like the person who wrote the email ) that always takes me by surprise and it’s then I realize that there are probably quite a few people out there who found our blog by means other than knowing us. smile

Elizabeth, I wonder how she will handle it too! She probably won’t like it all that much, well, at least the getting there in the truck part of it. Knowing eBay though she’ll be curled up with Destin rather than looking down at her loyal subjects. She loves her puppies!

I read your post when you post.  We have a cabin about 3/4 mile to the south of you.  It’s been crazy to see how much snow is up there this year.  I know we couldn’t get to ours right now.  Thanks for all the great reading.

Love the blog!

Sean, I am trying to picture a cabin 3/4 miles south of us and I can’t come up with your place. ?

Donna, thanks!

Our whole family follows your blog.  We love seeing the great photos and keeping up with conditions up there. Ugh, it looks like it might be awhile until we can get back up there.  Thank you for sharing with us, we appreciate it!

Rick & Lynne,  We have really enjoyed reading about your adventures up at Sand Creek Park this winter.  We have owned land in SCPLOA for just over 10 years and have a cabin that is about 2 miles from you guys.  Our place is off Sand Creek Overlook Lane which is off Forest Service Circle.  I’m hoping to meet you all at the land owners annual meeting later this month.  The info from your weather station is very helpful in getting an idea of what the weather is like up that way.

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