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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Meet the New Member of our Family

Posted by: Lynne

 He/she does not have a proper name as yet but OH MY GOSH. We've gone and done it. We are the proud owners of a new RV. It's a Rockwood Ultra Lite (2304DS), 23 feet long, two slides.

From the moment I first stepped inside I had a Lucy and Desi moment. I'm referring to the movie The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. They go to an RV show where Lucy spies a very large trailer (unlike the tiny one they had come to see) and when she opens the door to the trailer and the doorbell plays a cute little song, she looks at Desi and just grins. At that moment Desi knows it's all over. That is kind of how I felt when I opened the door (no cute little doorbell song though) and stepped inside this beautiful roomy little trailer. Thank goodness it is nowhere near the size of theirs, nor did we have to buy a new vechile to tow it with it. Perfection on wheels!

We had originally gone down to see another trailer altogether but ended up not liking the floorplan as much as we thought we would. We also looked at the same model that we had originally seen in NJ at an RV show, which was just as nice as we had remembered it being, but it lacked some of the add-ons and certainly lacked in storage. It was like comparing a Cadillac with a Chevy. 

Let me take you inside ...

The dinette is on a slide ... and so is the kitchen!

It has the wonderful Murphy bed option which we love because when the bed is up we have a great couch and ottoman.

A closer look at the kitchen. I think the fridge is nearly the same size as the one we have here at the cabin. (The fridge is to the side of the range, see photo above.)  I also like the placement of the kitchen sink because it gives us more counterspace next to the range to work with.

And the bathroom.

There is one teensy little problem with picking it up at the dealer. We had hoped to tow it with our Expedition but as you know, it isn't going anywhere until spring since we can't get it out to the state line. So we'll have to take the Suburban down to pick it up and later on bring both the trailer and the Expedition down to be fitted for the sway bars and etc. Not a big deal, just a tiny glitch. 

We are keeping our little Tab for a while longer to serve as our extra bedroom here at the cabin, but she is just too small for three dogs and a cat.

If we ever get out of here, we are planning our maiden voyage down to Albuquerque to see family. After that? Well, the world is our oyster! 2018 Alaska, we're ready!


Wow, that was fast! I thought you were just going to look.  It is very cute, though.  I remember when Warren and I went to an RV show here a couple of years ago.  I wanted most of them, especially a big one. But when we went out to look at the hook-ups and just the thought of hauling this huge thing around changed our minds!

Bigsis, not really, we’ve been ready to purchase for a while now, just couldn’t find the “right” one. Best thing about this one is it’s not a huge thing—6 feet longer than the Tab. This is about the biggest we were willing to go but if you’re going to spend a good deal of time in it, and not just weekends, it needs to be big enough to be comfortable. When we saw this we knew it was “the one.” They can’t keep these on the lot, they sell like hot cakes!

Rick & Lynne
I love it.  Awesome selection.  I might have to be on the lookout for one of these in a few years.  I have added it to my “New Camper List”.  I think what I really like is all the floor space.  I’ve never seen the Murphy Bed but it sure makes a lot of sense for 1 or 2 people.  And you have both a couch and a dinette.  My camper has a couch but no dinette.  For me the couch is a must have and the dinette is secondary as I usually eat outside.  But having the couch to sit back on and relax is so nice.  Yours is only a couple feet longer than mine but you have a lot more floorspace with the double slideout.  I’m going to be interested in hearing how the murphy and the slides hold up over time.  I also am interested in how you like/dislike the slide on the awning/door side.

Duff, we also were concerned about the slide out on the awning side of the trailer. We put the awning down, and while the slide out does eat into the outdoor shaded area, the awning is big enough to still provide lots of shade over space for a couple of chairs and a table. Also, we will buy a shade that attaches to the accessory rail on the awning and can then be staked to the ground. Or, in our case, we’ll set up an exercise pen for the dogs and shade that. I think we’ll be okay, but will let you know once we get some experience.

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